Food Fight: Codepen’s challenge for June

The Codepen challenge for the month of June is out. Each month, Codepen hosts a challenge for frontend developers with a theme.

Codepen challenges are a fun way for frontend developers to re-create ideas and bring them to life.

This month, the challenge is themed: Food Fight, with a tagline – Ready to play with your food? This month we’re cooking up tasty treats in the browser!

Head on to to know to see other past challenges since January.

Codepen also provides resources and ideas to get this challenge done. And the official sponsor for this month is Codepen themselves.

To participate in this challenge, make sure you have an account with Codepen, check the resources and ideas section for tips. Create your design and make sure to tag your Pen #cpc-sandwich and #codepenchallenge so that we can all see it! Use the #codepenchallenge tag when sharing on Instagram and Twitter.

Codepen also shares the best stuff on their Twitter and Instagram page. Head on to for more information on this challenge.


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